DataMesh in Action – When and how to implement a DataMesh

Organized by D ONE


In this workshop, we will collaboratively apply the DataMesh principles on today’s challenges in the data ecosystem to examine the resulting benefits, discuss potential disadvantages and how to avoid common pitfalls. After attending the workshop, the participants will have gained an understanding of the DataMesh paradigm and when, respectively, how it can be applied in organizations to overcome the most common challenges of data organization and governance. The main goal is to develop a practitioner’s perspective on the trending topic of DataMesh and propose concrete approaches for modeling data products and designing the underlying data platform.


  1. Introduction to Data Mesh principles
  2. Deep dive data domains
  3. Group Work on data domains using real data
  4. Data Platform + Data as a Product + Federated Governance
  5. Implementing DataMesh in a real setting
  6. Wrap Up

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