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Slides & Videos

Track 1

Yannick Kilcher – OpenAssistant – How to Crowd-Source From 13’000 People and Make Them Think It’s Fun – Slides

Philipp Thomann – The D ONE Starter Kit for Generative AI – Slides

Matteo Vagnoli and Jakob Dambon – Vessel Accumulation Dashboard – Slides

Benjamin Wiederkehr – Visualizing Data for Exploration and Explanation – Slides

Andreas Blum – How a Smart Model Governance Can Help You Scale Up AI models In Your Organization Whilst Keeping Risks in Check

Kurt Stockinger – Quantum Machine Learning – The Next Big AI Wave in the Age of Energy Transition? – Slides

Rafael Carrillo – Graph Machine Learning for High-Resolution PV Forecasting – Slides

Hans Viehmann – Using Graphs For Impact Analysis and Legacy Software Modernization – Slides

Lukas Meyer – Detecting Solar Panels and Skylights on Roofs Using Machine Learning – Slides

Pierre-Jean Alet – Managing the Uncertainty in Demand-Side Flexibility for Power Networks – Slides

Anca Dragan – Aligning AI With Human Preferences and Values – Slides

Track 2

Tomasz Pelczarski – Did Transformer Models Begin Terminator Era? – Slides

Michèle Wieland – Mitigating Discriminatory Biases in Success Prediction Models for Venture Capitals – Slides

Cristina Kadar – Jump-Starting Responsible Algorithmic Content Recommendations for News – Slides

Jakub Augustin – Hello Dolly: Democratizing the Magic of ChatGPT With Open Models – Slides

Laurence Dierickx – Epistemological Foundations for Ethical AI in Journalism – Slides

Sam Edds – Explainable AI: Simplicity is Complicated 6 Steps to Help you avoid a Data Disaster – Slides

Eva Morstein and Michael Gross – How to Use a Product Recommender to Make Our Customers Even More Happy – Slides

Gerrit A. Schatte and Stefan Weber – Deriving Meaning From Acceleration Measurements on Train Wheelsets – Slides

Paul-Philipp Luley and Gerrit Schatte – From Concept to Implementation: The Data-Centric Development Process for AI in Industry – Slides

Track 3

Andrei Roibu – Data Science Unmasks Brain Ageing: A Multimodal MRI Study, Andrei Roibu – Slides

Simon Pezold and Silvan Melchior – Conformal Prediction for Bone Surgery – Slides

Tomislav Ilicic – Identifying Root Causes of Problems in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing With Data-Driven Storytelling – Slides

Lea Fleckner and Daniel Mannino – The Ultimate Shortcut to Data Science Products – Slides

Curdin Marxer – Case Study: Natural-Language-Processing (NLP) with Open Data for Drug Repositioning on Glioblastoma Therapy – Slides

Markus Vogelbacher – Deep Learning for Recognizing Bat Species and Bat Behavior in Audio Recordings – Slides

Gabriel Krummenacher – State of Enterprise Machine Learning: 2023 Survey – Slides

Ling Guan – A Deep Discriminant Fractional-Order Canonical Correlation Analysis for Information Fusion – Slides

Alfredo Cuzzocrea – A Graph-Representation-Learning Framework for Supporting Android Malware Identification and Polymorphic Evolution – Slides

Track 4

Valentin Venzin – Fake Ads, Real Money: Detecting Ad Fraud Using Graph Machine Learning

Ira Kurthen and Daniel Vogler – Driving Retailer Performance by Optimizing Promotions – Slides

Alireza Amirshahi – Predicting Survey Response with Quotation-based Modeling: A Case Study on Favorability Towards the United States – Slides

Marcel Raas and Santiago Ruiz-Zapata – Getting Grip on Flight Delays in the Turnaround Process With AI – Slides

Lilach Goren Huber and Manuel Arias Chao – Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance: Applied Use-Cases – Slides