Successful Adoption of Knowledge Graphs, based on three examples in watch industry, energy and insurance

Organized by La Mobilière


Google has the search graph, Amazon the product graph, Facebook the social graph, LinkedIn the professional graph.
Closer to home, Swatch has an IT graph, BKW a smart meter graph and Mobiliar a data catalogue graph.

In this workshop, find out why Swatch, BKW and Mobiliar have chosen Knowledge Graph technology over classical approaches to combine data and metadata from many different sources into one coherent data network.

Find out how they used this data network to radically change the visibility of data, detect inconsistencies and learn new information. Learn how the first drives IT automation resulting in millions of savings, the second reduces troubleshooting times from months to minutes and the third makes data assets findable and transparent.

Hear about their initial pain points, how they built their solution, how the solution was received by the business, and how they showed positive return on investment (ROI). Find out what criterias they had at the beginning of their journey, what tools they used, what roles and skills they needed, what partners they worked with to deliver.

Inspired by the three different journeys, you identify similar pain points and use cases in your own organization, where networked data can deliver huge benefits. You anticipate business benefits, identify needed skills, write a simple road map and calculate a quick Return on Investment (ROI).

You then share your business case with the other participants for immediate feedback, mutually inspiring everybody to look for new use cases.


13:00 – 14:30 Part 1
  • Welcome & Intro
  • Swatch use case: situation, pain points, business case and how the story unfolded
  • BKW use case: situation, pain points, business case and how the story unfolded
  • Mobiliar use case: situation, pain points, business case and how the story unfolded
  • Future use cases: potential applications in fraud detection, IT asset tracking, data mesh
  • Learnings from the three use cases
14:30 – 14:45 Break
14:45 – 16:00 Part 2
  • Participants find and prepare their individual Knowledge Graph use cases
  • Participants share their use case with peers
  • Conclusions and call to action

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