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Delivering Data Projects Successfully with DataOps

Organized by D ONE Solutions AG

After the workshop, you will be able to bring DataOps to your projects and to your organization and generate more value from your data. You will have learned about DataOps values and principles and how to apply DevOps, Agile, and Lean approaches to your data projects. You will have learned about the important role of company culture, stakeholder management, team composition, and data governance. With the DataOps Radar, you will have access to a tool that allows you to discover the potential in your own projects – and you are going to leave the workshop with actionable ideas.

Organizations across all industries are heavily investing in big data, analytics, and machine learning. Nevertheless, many initiatives fail to deliver what they promise. Increasing complexity, lack of know-how, poor processes, and a misaligned organizational culture can all get in the way of success. DataOps offers a framework to address these challenges. It builds on values and principles from DevOps, Agile, and Lean and also covers topics such as company culture, stakeholder management, team composition, and data governance.

Target Audience
Our workshop is open to everyone and requires no technical skills. The target audience includes all data professionals who want to make their data projects more successful. This includes data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, as well as leaders and managers of data teams. The workshop will be most valuable for those who work (or plan to work) on projects in teams within organizations, and for those who manage such projects or teams. DataOps can be applied in organizations small and large, no matter whether you work in a private company, in the public sector, or in academia. We encourage all participants to have a specific data project in mind that they would like to analyze and improve. A laptop or a phone with access to the internet is the only equipment that will be required.

All participants are invited to join us beforehand at a networking lunch (12:30 – 13:30) together with the participants of the Delivering Data Projects Successfully with DataOps workshop.


Time frame: June 22, 13:30 – 17:00

1. DataOps Framework
    a) Motivation
    b) DataOps Values and Principles
    c) DataOps Focus Areas
        i. Culture
        ii. Processes
        iii. Data
        iv. Technology
2. DataOps Radar – Hands-on Session (interleaved with 1.)
    a) Introduction
    b) Applying the DataOps Radar in pairs
    c) Discussion of results
3. Deep-dive based on DataOps Radar
    a) Actionable suggestions for project improvement
    b) Takeaways and next steps



Hotel Metropol
Fraumünsterstrasse 12
8001 Zürich

Max. Participants: 25